City of Woodinville CBD Sewer Capacity Fee

On July 20, 2021 Woodinville Water District Board of Commissioners approved Resolution No. 3985 (CBD-CIC Policy).

The Central Business District- Capacity Impact Charge (CBD-CIC) fee will be charged for all new developments within the City of Woodinville CBD zone to accommodate the growth for sewer infrastructure in an equitable fashion.  By having the Developer contribute funds toward the future sewer improvements the District can better plan using our Capital Improvement Process (CIP).

If this CBD-CIC charge applies for your new development you will get an estimate of the fee when applying for a Sewer Availability Certificate.  The District will need to know the number of multi-family units as well as the square footage of commercial space in order to provide an accurate estimate.  The new CBD-CIC fee will be required to be paid prior to construction of your new sewer improvements for the development.

For more information contact Marci Chew, Senior Engineering Technician.