Developer Extension Process

Woodinville Water District is a special purpose District and relies on Developers/ Property owners to extend existing water and sewer mains.  We are here to assist and make sure that the District design and construction standards are being met.

Developer Extension Agreement is used for water and sewer main extensions.

Service Connection Agreements are used for fire hydrant extensions/ relocations, fire sprinkler vaults, water service connections for short plats that connect off an existing water main, and new side sewer connections.

A Developer Extension Agreement and a Service Connection Agreement follow the same Steps 1-5 below.

  1. Step 1: Preparation
  2. Step 2: Plan Submittal
  3. Step 3: Design Review
  4. Step 4: Construction
  5. Step 5: Project Closeout

The steps that need to be taken to prepare for a developer extension is to determine if one is needed.  For new short plats and subdivisions preliminary plat approval must occur and a water/ sewer availability certificate will be required.  If you are interested in water or sewer service for a single property, the water/ sewer main must cross the entire frontage of the property and you must meet distance thresholds for private service lines.  If you are unsure call the District.

 It will be your responsibility to hire a professional licensed civil engineer to provide civil engineering plans showing the water/ sewer improvements you are planning. The design must meet the Woodinville Water District’s engineering standard specifications.