Indoor Conservation

Save on My Water Bill

According to a region-wide study completed by our drinking water supplier, Seattle Public Utilities, an average family uses about 64 gallons per person per day. In a water efficient home, that number could be reduced to around 40 gallons per person per day. Installing efficient fixtures and taking conservation actions can help reduce your water use year-round. From the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the laundry room, changing your habits can save money on your water bill and help conserve a vital resource. If you have an unusually high water bill, you may have a leak.

Save in Showers & Baths

Toilets are the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly a quarter of residential indoor water use. Therefore, toilets are a great opportunity to save water. Savings up to 570 gallons per year with efficient faucets or faucet aerators. Seven gallons per day, per person by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving. 

Save in the Kitchen & Laundry Room

Save money on your water bill in the following rooms:

Water Saving Opportunities

Visit the H2ouse website to take the tour to investigate your water saving opportunities in each area of your home.