Woodinville Water District’s Water Conservation Program began in 1991 in compliance with a state mandate to water utilities to implement a conservation program. In 1989, the State Department of Health began requiring water systems to include conservation in their comprehensive plans. Water systems experiencing growth in demand are now mandated by the State Department of Ecology to implement conservation programs before seeking new water rights. In addition, other changes in the regulatory environment highlighted the financial and environmental costs of developing new water resources and made acquisition of supply more uncertain. For water systems like Seattle’s that would otherwise have needed a new source of water because of growth, conservation is a viable and cost effective resource.

Long Range Regional Conservation Plan

As a purveyor of Seattle Public Utilities, we are able to work cooperatively with Seattle’s Resource Conservation Office and the other purveyors on programs that benefit the entire region. Part of the rate charged by Seattle pays for their administration of regionally beneficial conservation programs. Purveyor and Seattle Public Utilities staff worked together to develop the Long Range Regional Conservation Plan.

Conserve at Work

Water efficiency solutions for your business by the Saving Water Partnership. The Saving Water Partnership has a number of resources for all types of commercial businesses to help maximize water efficiency and cost savings.

Conserve at Home

Most of Woodinville Water District’s programs target outdoor water consumption during our peak demand season (May through September). Water consumption regionally averages around 150 million gallons per day (mgd) and peaks in the summer time around 260 mgd. Consumption has reached as high as 334 mgd in July 1970, but with regional conservation education efforts, internal showerhead retrofit programs, plumbing code changes, and landscape code changes, consumption has been considerably reduced.

Winter Consumption

In Woodinville Water District’s service area, winter consumption averages 3 to 4 mgd, with our summer peak around 10 to 11 mgd. While these figures seem high when you compare it to regional figures, Woodinville Water District’s residential service area encompasses an area that is largely rural, with many lots being in the 1 to 5 acre range. A large amount of landscaped area increases our summertime consumption dramatically. Woodinville’s population has grown considerably over the past several years and yet consumers have reduced their consumption. In the past, peak consumption has been as high as 12 mgd.

Water Use Calculator

Home Water Works is a new website with a home water use calculator. The site is sponsored by the national Alliance for Water Efficiency. If you have questions that haven’t been answered on our website, please call our Public Information and Conservation Program Office at 425-487-4102.

Conserve at School

We offer several fun and exciting classroom presentations for schools in our local area. Please view our Education Page for more information.

Conservation Plan