District History

The Woodinville Water District, formerly King County Water District 104, is a municipal corporation of King County, Washington. King County Water District 104 was established in 1959 and we officially became known as the Woodinville Water District in 1985.

First Project

The District engineer prepared the first comprehensive plan for water development in August of 1960. Construction of the first part of the system was completed and the District was able to commence serving water to its customers in January of 1963.

Water Supply

The District purchases all its water supply from the City of Seattle for distribution to its customers. The majority of our water comes from the Tolt River Watershed but occasionally we receive water from the Cedar River Watershed. From 1963 to the present, the District has grown to an area of approximately 30 square miles. In 1969, the District started providing sewer service to a small portion of customers and thus became a water and sewer district, but has chosen to keep our name as Woodinville Water District.

In the first year of operation the District served 14 million gallons of water. In 1973 annual consumption was 243 million gallons. In 2004 we purchased over 1.5 billion gallons of water and in 2016 we sold just under 1.5 billion gallons of water. The Woodinville Water District presently is the tenth largest water and sewer district in Washington state, serving approximately 14,754 water customers and just over 3,468 sewer customers.


Currently the District maintains:

  • 43 pressure reducing stations
  • 5 water and 2 sewer pump stations
  • 8 steel reservoirs
  • Over 295 miles of water main ranging in size from 4 to 16 inches
  • And other related facilities

The District expects to continue expanding its facilities to meet the needs of its customers.


The organization of the District includes an elected five-member Board of Commissioners, supported by a General Manager and staff of thirty-six employees.