Sewer Service UGA Information

As a Title 57 Revised Code of Washington special purpose water & sewer district, it is important to remember that the Woodinville Water District (District) has no legal authority as it relates to land use regulations such as zoning or development approval. The District does not set or enforce any of the regulations as referenced under the jurisdictions where we serve (such as within unincorporated King and Snohomish Counties, and the Cities of Woodinville, Redmond, Kirkland, and Bothell). Each of these entities is responsible for determining the location and type of development to take place within their respective areas. 

This type of regulatory authority would also include legal zoning and density changes or proposed new development. Further, for convenience purposes related to technical service issues, other jurisdictions (both cities and special purpose districts) serve some areas within the District’s assigned service area that cannot be readily served by the District. Likewise, for similar reasons, the District also serves some properties adjacent to but outside of its approved service area. The District is required by law to plan for a sewer system adequate to serve the present and reasonably foreseeable future needs within the District’s assigned service area. However, the District does not extend utility sewer lines into any area (either in the County or a City) in order to promote growth or in the hope that property owners will connect their property to the sewer system in the future. 

If a District sewer line is extended, that is normally done after a regulatory authority (like the County or a City) approved and permitted development and required connection. If required, the developer would be responsible to either install a new line or possibly upsize an existing sewer line or make other system adjustments to meet projected flow requirements into the future, according to District design and construction standards. It’s important to remember that some areas within the District boundaries may have sewer service in the future while other areas may never have sewer. Availability of sewer service will depend upon the County or City land use zoning and development requirements. 

Finally, with few exceptions, the District cannot serve sewer in any area outside of the Urban Growth Boundary (UGA). Under Washington law, sewer service is considered an “urban service”. The District has no legal control or authority over setting urban growth boundaries. By law, this is done only by counties and cities. For further information or clarification regarding District requirements, regulations, and procedures for administering the District’s system of public sanitary sewers, please see District Resolution No. 3725 which is codified in the District Code at Chapter 4.48, Public Sanitary Sewer System or feel free to contact the District at (425) 487-4100.