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Leak Adjustment Application

  1. Instructions

    To be eligible for an adjustment, you must:

    •  Request an adjustment by submitting a completed Application form within 90 days of leak repairs and provide proof to the District’s satisfaction that the leak has been repaired; customers may provide proof of the repair (receipts for any materials or services related to that repair) or submit No Repair Receipt Documentation section with explanation of repairs.
    • Adjustments will not be granted for internal plumbing leaks considered to be a household maintenance responsibility; and 
    • have repaired the leak within 30 days of being notified by the District of the possibility of a leak or when the customer discovers the leak, or such a time period approved by the General Manager; or have temporarily stopped the leak, have notified the District of the status, AND then completed necessary repairs at a later time; and 
    • have Not received an adjustment in the previous 5 years (60 months).

    Please be aware that a water bill resulting from a large leak could total Several Thousand Dollars! Small leaks typically cost less but can be the sign of a problem water line and indicate that larger and more expensive leaks are likely in the future. Since only one Leak Adjustment can be granted to the owner of a property every five years, if you receive an adjustment for a leak, large or small, now, you will NOT be eligible for another leak adjustment for five more years. If a service line is prone to future leaks, the best way to reduce the risk of a second leak is to replace the entire line, instead of just patching or spot-fixing the break. Also, because each circumstance is unique, we strongly suggest that you contact your repair provider for professional advice given your particular circumstance.  If you determine you qualify and wish to apply for a Leak Adjustment, please complete the form on the next page and return it to our office as soon as possible with the necessary receipts. 


    • If you haven’t received a water bill through the date your leak was repaired, we will process your claim after your next bill. It takes an average of 60 days to process customer Leak Adjustment claims. Your patience during this process will be appreciated. If you qualify, a pay delay will be put on your account so you will not receive any delinquency notices while we process your claim.
    • If you pay by Electronic Funds Transfer, and cannot pay the full payment immediately, you may call (425) 487-4100 to request to be temporarily removed from our automatic debit file. We require notice at least 2 weeks before your payment due date. You may reapply after your claim has been processed.
    • Non-residential accounts are eligible for an adjustment on billed water and sewer volume charges. Sewer volume charges eligible for an adjustment are district volume charges only and exclude King County Wastewater treatment charges.
  2. Leak Location
  3. Have you received a previous Leak Adjustment?
  4. Are you the property owner?
  5. Residential Accounts - Approved leak adjustments will be based on customer charges for the period of leakage only and shall not exceed a period of 30 days and will be computed on a tiered basis. Water volume charges up to $2,500 will be computed at 50% and charges above and beyond $2,500 will be computed as 65% times the water volume charges for that billing period.

    Non-Residential Accounts - Approved Leak Adjustment amounts will be based on customer charges for the period of leakage only and shall not exceed a period of 30 days. Water and district sewer volume charges will be computed as 50% for that billing period. Sewer charges eligible for an adjustment are district volume charges only and exclude Metro (King County) charges.

    By submitting this request, I certify that I understand the terms and conditions of the District Leak Adjustment Policy and acknowledge that I will not be eligible for an additional Leak Adjustment for this property for five years following the date when this Leak Adjustment is granted.

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