Leak Repairs

Property owners can receive a Leak Adjustment credit for excess water volume charges resulting from one eligible water system leak on a property every five years. If you feel you qualify for a Leak Adjustment or leak credit to your bill, follow the directions on the Leak Adjustment Form (PDF).


Please be aware that a water bill resulting from a large leak could total several thousand dollars! Small leaks typically cost less, but can be the sign of a problem water line and indicate that larger and more expensive leaks are likely in the future. Since only one Leak Adjustment can be granted to the owner of a property every five years, if you receive an adjustment for a leak, large or small, now, you will NOT be eligible for another leak adjustment for five more years. If a service line is prone to future leaks, the best way to reduce the risk of a second leak is to replace the entire line, instead of just patching or spot-fixing the break. Also, because each circumstance is unique, we strongly suggest that you contact your repair provider for professional advice given your particular circumstance.


To be eligible for an adjustment, you must:

  • Have a leak deemed undetectable by District staff; adjustments will not be granted for internal plumbing leaks considered to be a household maintenance responsibility
  • Have not received an adjustment in the previous 5 years (60 months)
  • Have repaired the leak within 30 days of being notified or when the leak was discovered; or have temporarily stopped the leak, have notified the District of the status, and then completed necessary repairs at a later time
  • Provide proof of the repair (receipts for any materials or services related to that repair) or submit a "No Repair Receipt Documentation" form

Leak Repairs

If you are unable to locate or repair the leak yourself there are a few different options available to solve the problem:

  • Call a leak detection service to try and locate the leak. Look in the yellow pages under "Leak Detection" for the names of local leak detection services. There are several methods used to find leaks, such as; listening devices, or chemicals. Ask lots of questions when calling around to help you decide who should do the work. Remember most leak detection services only find the leak, they don’t perform the repairs.
  • Call a plumber to repair the leak. Again it is important to ask lots of questions when calling around for plumbing information. Some plumbers will locate and repair the leak, others only perform repairs once a leak has been located. You may want to contact family, friends, or neighbors for referrals. The water district is unable to provide referrals.
  • View this flyer if you have a leak (PDF)