I have a well, how do I get public water?

The Woodinville Water District strictly prohibits interconnection of other water supplies with the District’s distribution system. Auxiliary water supplies (private wells, piped irrigation sources, etc.) are a major cross-connection hazard and must be effectively isolated from the domestic water supply. 

The Woodinville Water District’s cross-connection policies and requirements for customers with private wells are: 

  1. No backflow protection is required if the source is verified to be permanently inactivated. In such cases, formal abandonment, in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Health, should be pursued be the owner.
  2. If the well remains active and the piping system is verified to be physically separated and permanently disconnected from the District’s distribution main, an approved double-check valve assembly is required at the service connection in order to provide a measure of protection against inadvertent interconnection of the water supply. New services will be LOCKED OFF until the Woodinville Water District verifies compliance. 

Visual inspection of the piping is required for premises retaining active well systems. All backflow prevention devices are subject to annual inspection and testing. The cost of an annual performance test and any required maintenance is the responsibility of the device owner.

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1. I have a well, how do I get public water?
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