Hydrant Meters

Hydrant meter rentals are for short-term water for construction, demolition, landscape activities and other special water uses within the Snohomish County MapWoodinville Water District Service Area. Fill out a request for a Hydrant Meter Rental (PDF).


The hydrant meter rental fee is $10 per week (minimum) plus the current irrigation meter volume rate (PDF) per ccf of water used (1ccf  equals 748 gallons). If the meter is lost or stolen, the weekly $10 charge will accrue until such time as the District is notified of the missing equipment.


Requirements for hydrant meter usage:

  • The meter must be read and recorded the first Monday of each month. Failure to comply could result in confiscation of the meter.
  • Prior to a hydrant meter being issued, a vehicle inspection must be completed.
  • All hydrant meters are required to have backflow protection.
  • A copy of the rental agreement must be kept with the hydrant meter at all times.
  • If the hydrant meter is damaged, lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the renter to pay all repair or replacement costs, as determined by the District.
  • If the hydrant meter is left unattended the meter will be confiscated by District Staff.
  • Invoices which become 60 days delinquent may be subject to all costs incurred by the District, including attorney fees, to collect the amount due.


Additional information about hydrant use, fees, or renting a hydrant meter can be obtained by calling the district at 425-487-4100.