ATT00001CATQH3T6The Board of Commissioners is the legislative body that establishes District policies by passing resolutions and motions. The Board also adopts the District’s annual budget, establishes rates and charges, approves appropriations, contracts for services and issues debt to fund capital expenditures. Annually, the Board elects a President, Vice-President and Secretary. The President presides over the Commission meetings. Each of the Commissioners represents the District at various intergovernmental meetings.

The General Manager is appointed by the Board to act as the chief executive officer of the District. The role of the General Manager is to direct departments, operations, and activities in accordance with the policies set by the Board. The General Manager administers staff, finances, and programs, including the Capital Improvement Plan, which covers all District owned assets and facilities. 

The Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Department, headed by the Operations & Maintenance Manager assisted by the Utility Supervisor are responsible for ensuring that the District provides quality service and uninterrupted water and sewer service to our customers. The O&M Department is charged with the maintenance and repair of 253 miles of water main, 60 miles of sewer main, 2,690 fire hydrants, 19,000 valves, 12,500 water meters and eight water reservoirs. In addition, the O&M Department tests the water system to ensure that the quality of water served meets or exceeds the strictest regulatory standards.

The Finance Department,headed by the Finance Manager, is responsible for overseeing the finances of the District and carrying out the fiscal policies set by the Board of Commissioners. Services and responsibilities of the Finance Department include data processing, accounting, and budget development.  Finance Department is also responsible for customer services.

The Engineering Department is responsible for long range planning such as the development of the District’s Comprehensive Plan and the development and administration of the 10-year Capital Improvement Plan. The District Engineer provides the public with information about District construction standards and related costs, and other engineering related information. This department manages all of the engineering design and construction related activities of the District and overseeing District safety programs.