Meter Reading

Meter Change-Outs


Meter Reading


What is the area served by the Woodinville Water District?

The Woodinville Water District covers approximately 18,660 acres   (29.2 square miles).


How many customers does the Woodinville Water District serve?

As of October 2015 there were approximately 14,256 service connections or water meters in the district (approximately 36,000 population).


Where is the water meter located?

Most water meters are in the right-of-way, close to the edge of the road near the property line.  A plastic or concrete box covers the meter.


How do I read my water meter?

First of all, make sure you have the correct meter by checking the number on the lid of the meter.  This number should match the meter number on your bill.  You read the meter by looking at the face of the meter and recording all of digits on the meter except for the last two.  For example, your register will show a number with either five or six digits (0597.89) and you would read this as (597). 


How would I calculate my water consumption?

If you have an automatically read ¾ inch meter, each unit of water that is used equals 10 gallons of water. To determine your consumption in gallons, add a zero.   Larger meters measure in units of 100 gallons.


Meter Change-Outs


Why do we change out the water meters?

The main reason for replacing water meters is to ensure accuracy. If the meter has reached the end of its battery’s life or it doesn’t communicate the reads anymore, it will be replaced.   


Does this service get charged to the customer?

No, the customer does not receive an invoice for the new meter that is installed.  This service is part of our annual operating budget and is funded through rates.